Police Woman Fired After Posting Sexy Selfies Without Pants


A female police officer in China lost more than just her pants when she posted her sexy selfies on social media.

After uploading selfies of herself sitting on the floor in her uniform without pants to Weibo, China’s version of Twitter, the images somehow went viral and the police officer was promptly identified and fired.


Netizens criticized the young woman for not dressing and acting in a manner that is expected from an officer of the law, especially when wearing their uniform.

“You can’t wear a police uniform and put these kind of pictures online,” one person commented.


The Dandong Police Academy, where the (former) officer attended, issued a public apology on Weibo for her actions. They wrote:

“We will draw a lesson from this incident and strengthen our student management going forward to maintain strict discipline, so that something like this will never occur again to besmirch the good image of our school.”


However, after looking at the pics of the duck-face cutie, some netizens didn’t see what the big deal was.

“Where is the vulgarity?” One commenter wondered.

“This is completely normal nowadays, if you are going to start firing young people for taking these kinds of selfies, then there won’t be any workers left,” another responded.

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