Pornstar Cindy Starfall’s 5 Tips To Give Women The Ultimate Orgasm


Gentlemen, start her engine.

We all want to have hot sex. The thing to remember is that you can bring as many tricks and surprises to the bedroom as you want, but a big part of a mind-blowing sexual experience is making sure that she gets off to a toe curling orgasm.

Unfortunately, the female orgasm can be a puzzle for men. Good for you, sir, you found her clit. But then what?

Foxy Asia Magazine caught up with Cindy Starfall, one of the adult industry’s most successful Asian pornstars, and a bona fide expert on the topic of sex, to provide you with 5 tips to give women the ultimate orgasm. You help your girl to one of those, and she’ll be saying thank you in all your favorite ways. Listen up, this is important:



1. “Communication is a must! Listen to her likes or dislikes. For me, I love role playing with my partner. Find out what turns her on!”

cindy-starfall-foxy-asia-magazine-52. “Stimulate every part of her body. Don’t just go straight to the pussy. Every inch of a woman’s body is sensitive. Kiss her lips, whisper in her ear, kiss her neck, suck on those nipples and make your way down her body slowly.”


3. “As a guy, sometimes I know all you care about is how hard you are and how quickly you want to cum; think of your partner as well. Pay attention to her reactions! Always watch her facial expressions in a certain position to see if she’s enjoying herself or not.”


4. “Dirty talk. Quiet sex can be boring. I like it when my partner talks dirty to me. Not too aggressive though, just enough so I know you’re in the moment. Tell her what you like – maybe you ask her to slide her thong aside or strip tease for you. Talk dirty to me!”


5. “Remember the sex isn’t over when you cum. Make sure to get her off as well. Eat her out or play with her pussy until she finishes!”


Get to know more about Cindy Starfall by following her on Instagram. When she isn’t posting hot selfies of herself and her gorgeous girlfriend Tia Kai, she is posting BTS pics from her latest sex scenes. Take our word for it, this is a Fox definitely worth following.

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