Prcivl Returns To Instagram, Discusses Reasons For Leaving


The comeback is real.

Prcivl is making his way back to social media.

Earlier this year, Prcivl deleted his Instagram account with just a brief video message to his over 600k followers. However, fans can rejoice, as the famed photographer made his online presence known with a new Instagram account last week.

“Time to go back and do work!” read his page description along with links to his various social media accounts.

On May 13, Prcivl shared his first throwback posts with classic shots of Asian bombshells Lynn Chu and Yeonji for his growing number of followers, currently near 6k.

Prcivl opened up to Foxy Asia Magazine about his reasons for leaving Instagram and his journey from humble beginnings to becoming one of IG’s most popular photographers.

Photography by Prcivl – @prcivl


Sunny Fae – @itssosunny

Hey Prcivl, welcome to Foxy Asia Magazine. We were hoping you could start off from the very beginning. How did you get into photography?

I took a beginner photography class back in college. For finals, we were able to shoot whatever we wanted. Since I was a broke-hoe, I grabbed my two Ikea lamps for lighting, a white bed sheet as background, and had one of my female classmates pose for me.  Once I presented the final product to the entire class, a few suggested I pursue photography. I guess that’s when it all started. Looking back at the pictures now, they were shitty. And I really didn’t learn anything in that class hahah.

Elizabeth Tran – @elizabethtran626

What were your biggest challenges when starting out?

Biggest challenge was finding a mentor to learn the fundamentals from. I messaged one of the more popular photographers back then (don’t remember his name though) to try and get some tips or advice. I was brushed off and was basically told to learn on my own. So I did. Everything I know now is through trial and error. And of course Youtube =]

Lynn Chu – @lovelynnc

Who was your first photo shoot with? How did it go?

Shit. It’s been so long, I don’t remember. It has to be one of my female (non-model) friends though. I Just begged a few of them to pose for me just so I can experiment and learn the basics: lighting, angle, etc. And they were fully clothed btw LMAO

YEONJI – @yeonji63

We can always tell right off the bat when a picture of a model is a“Prcivl” without even looking at the photographer credits. What techniques do you feel you use that make you stand out from other photographers?

I’ve always been told it’s my editing. For me, 70% of the work is done through the camera. The 30% is through post processing which, to me, is my chance to make my images stand out from the rest.  All the images I publish have to go through post first. I mean, why would anyone post subpar content if they have the ability to make it awesomer? hahaha

Moon Maison – @moonmaison

You grew to become one of Instagram’s most popular photographers with over 600k loyal followers. Then one day, poof! You were gone. Can you tell us about the reasons behind your decision to shut down your Instagram account?

I can’t really dive too much into it since it’s a little personal. But sometimes we have to make choices to try and improve our way of life. Or at least, that’s what we think at the time. I had to make that decision to learn something about myself. It’s a “live and learn” scenario. Is that cryptic enough? =)

Diana Kimmay – @dianakimmay

So, just so we’re clear, it’s not because of all the random dick pics you received from dudes thinking you’re the models you post?

Oh the dick pics! That got old pretty quick, but no that’s not the reason. It was actually pretty fun putting some of those guys on blast on my page. I mean….who does that?!? I doubt they learned their lesson but it was still pretty fun.

GIMMEMO – @gimmemo_

What made you feel like you were finally ready to come back to Instagram?

Instagram Explore page hahaha. It constantly reminded me how much fun it was to shoot.  Then I’d see music videos or photo shoots on TV that would inspire me to come up with ideas if I were ever to shoot again. Also, random texts from models urging me to shoot again. Eventually I just gave in. Back to the grind.

Diana S. – @invasian_

Can you tell us about any new and exciting projects you are working on next?

Nothing specific at the moment. Just know that I’m always trying to outdo myself.
Jess C. – @jess.bbs

Well, thank you so much Prcivl. Before we let you go, any final words you’d like to say to your fans and followers? Anyone in particular you’d like to send a shout out to?

Stay tuned for new content. My goal is to have the followers always wanting more.


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