The Real Reason Why Instagram Still Has No Nudity Policy

If you’re a model or photographer on Instagram, there’s a good chance you know about the popular photo-sharing app’s strict ‘No Nudity’ policy. Under big brother’s watchful eye, Instagram has been known to remove suggestive photos or delete accounts altogether. Yikes!!!

Look familiar?


Despite the best #FreeTheNipple efforts of some of Hollywood’s sexiest celebs, the unpopular policy still remains and Instagram’s CEO Kevin Systrom has finally explained why.

Blame Apple, but more specifically, the Apple App Store.

If Instagram wants to remain rated 12+, rather than 17+, then all nudity is a no-go.

On one hand, you can turn away younger users, and on the other, you can ban adult content. Either way, sh!tty choices. Even Systrom says himself “[we have to] make some tough calls.”

So there you have it folks, mystery solved. But we want to know what you think. Give us your answer in the poll below.


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