Samurai Armor Hoodies Are Next Hot Fashion Trend


Have you ever wanted to be a samurai? Well, thanks to Studio 696, becoming a modern day samurai just became possible with these awesome Samurai Armor Hoodies.

Bamboo, project producer for Studio 696, and lead vocalist for rock and roll band milktub, started a crowdfunding campaign on Indeigogo last month to raise $50,000 to mass produce these dope Samurai Armor Hoodies. This financial goal was reached in an impressive 3 days and 2 hours!

These hoodies are unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.

It took 2 years and countless revisions to fully design these hoodies, which take many styling cues from the traditional battlefield equipment, such as the head to shoulder plates seen on samurai armor and helmets.

Each hoodie comes as a set which includes a mask and a tatemono crest. And best of all, they are casual enough for everyday wear and are machine washable.

These Samurai Armor Hoodies are not cheap.

While this all sounds awesome, dressing up like a real samurai comes at a hefty price of $350 a pop. At these prices, these hoodies better be able to stop a katana which we highly doubt, given these hoodies’ all-cloth construction. But save wearing heavy and expensive replica armor, this is about the closest most of us will ever get to feeling like a samurai and you can’t place a price on that.

These hoodies come in either black, red, or white, and the entire lineup can be pre-ordered HERE from Tokyo Otaku Mode between now and May 20, with shipping scheduled for August.

Check out these Samurai Armor Hoodies in all their glory. Would you buy one?

Look like a total badass in these Samurai Armor Hoodies
The kanji character on the back, bu, refers to a samurai warrior.
The himo (cord) is made using the traditional Kaga-Yuzen silk dyeing technique.
The himo is also removable to make washing easier.
Hand coverings extend from the forearms to incorporate as many parts of the traditional Japanese samaurai armor as possible
There’s a loop for your finger, too, just like the real thing!
The masks function as neckwarmers and are adjusted by elastic straps.


The attention to detail is amazing!

Watch this video to see these Samurai Armor Hoodies put to the test.

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