Sarah Harber Seems To Love Getting Naked


The Asian beauty’s steamy shots are gloriously NSFW…

Although some would say that most things are best left to the imagination, based on these hot and sexy naked photos, it’s safe to say that’s not Sarah Harber‘s motto.

With long shapely legs and a cute little booty, there isn’t a single thing we don’t love about this gorgeous Thailand native.

The good news? Foxy Asia magazine nabbed the exclusive first look at Sarah’s uncensored nude shoot by photographer Chris Fisher.

So feel free to close your office door, draw the blinds, and take in this week’s ultra-sultry Model Interview below.

Photography by Chris Fisher – @chrisfphotos



Hey Sarah, welcome to Foxy Asia Magazine. How’s everything going?

Hey hey!! I am doing well thanks for having me, by the way I am a Foxy Asia fan too.

We were hoping you could start off with telling us a little bit about yourself. What is your ethnicity and where do you live?

I was born and raised in Thailand at 100% Thai. I live in Florida now, moved here about 10 years ago but still speak with very hard accent ??


What do you do to pay the bills? What is your job?

I also work in the restaurant but what really pays my bills is my online business selling dresses, so if anyone wants some dresses for girlfriends or whoever hit me up!!

Your body is incredible, what feature do most people compliment you on? What would you say is your best physical attribute?

Aweee thanks … I get compliments a lot on my lips so I would say it is my lips too ?

What bad habit always gets you in trouble?

Drinking!! Can’t tell you the story because I don’t remember ?

>>Click photo for uncensored version<<

Now, can you tell us how you got into modeling? Was it something you always wanted to do?

Ummmm I never thought I would become a model I am camera shy lol. My first photo shoot was 10 years ago and I didn’t get really good feedback until I created an Insta account and a bunch of photographers hit me up, plus thick girls are in ?

What goes through your mind as you’re posing for a shoot? 

This sounds crazy but I feel more comfortable with posing implied or nude… yes I just imagine how sexy myself is and I start to feel myself.

>>Click photo for uncensored version<<

Describe the atmosphere when you’re on a shoot. Do you play music? Do you like to talk to the photographer between shots?

Hahaha most of the time while doing the shoot I’m mostly on my Snapchat since some pics I can’t post on Instagram lol, my favorite part is Snapchat with other models… I am lucky most of my shoots are always fun, working with great photographers & beautiful models, it’s a good time!

You look amazing in all of your pictures. Would you say you were a natural when it came to modeling?

☺️☺️ thank you. I have great photographers! Ummmmmm at first 20 mins I might be a little bit nervous but after I got warmed up yessss I was natural!!

What is the wildest behind-the-scenes story you can share with us from on set?

Damn I wish I have that LMFAO.


We are a men’s magazine after all, so we’re going to dive into some dating questions. What qualities do you look for in a man? Describe your perfect guy.

Handsome, tall, beard, tatts, smart, muscular, rich, big dick, all that don’t matter if I can’t be myself around him! My perfect guy is just the man who can make me smile inside and out.

Are you single or taken? If taken, how did you meet?

Single ?

Are you the kind of girl who’d make the first move on a guy? If so, what do you normally do?

No, told you I m a shy person. But that’s got to change lol.

>>Click photo for uncensored version<<

What’s the best sexual complement you ever got?

Freaky ?

What’s the craziest place you’ve ever had sex?

On a jet ski in the middle of the ocean and I can’t swim.

>>Click photo for uncensored version<<

Well Sarah, thank you so much. Before we let you go, can you tell our readers where they can find you if they’d like to learn more?

Thanks for this opportunity for me to be found hehehe. I am always on IG and Snapchat…”I am only one click away.”


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