Say Hello To The World’s First Champagne Gun

Why spray overpriced Champagne at your fellow partygoers when you can shoot streams of bubbly at them like Scarface? Yes, as ridiculous as it may sound, these Champagne guns, created by French company Extra-Night, are now being distributed in the United States by the so-called “King of Sparklers,” nightclub supplier Jeremy Touitou. And it can be yours for only $459 (down from $499)!

Guy and girl with champage gunTouitou, who works with nightclubs around Miami, told the Miami New Times he hopes “local clubs will want to use them in their VIP sections or perhaps just as decoration behind the bar.”

Champagne gun shower

The party weapons only work with magnum-sized bottles that are shaken to shoot Champagne showers between 16 and 23 feet for up to 45 seconds. The gun also has an attachment that allows you to simply pour the champagne rather than spray it. But hey, where’s the fun in that? They currently come in gold, rose gold and chrome finishes and are available at

Check out this video to see these bubbly soakers in action:

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