Serliana Sure Looks Good In Nothing But Sand


I like sandy butts and I cannot lie.

If your favorite thing about the beach is seeing hot chicks with sandy butts, then you’ll like these pics of Serliana Rosida. She’s got sand on her butt, sand on her legs, and sand in, um, all sorts of other places – and she doesn’t seem to mind one bit. In fact, she’s taking off what little clothing she has on, so she can get even sandier.

Get acquainted with Serliana as she gives you an unencumbered glimpse of her life as a model, a businesswoman, and a mother in this week’s Model Interview.

Photographer: senlimitless @senlimitless


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Hey Serliana, welcome to Foxy Asia Magazine. How’s everything going?

Everything is great!

We were hoping you could start off with telling us a little bit about yourself. What is your ethnicity and where do you live?

I’m Indonesian, I live in Bali ‘the island of the gods’.

What do you do to pay the bills? What is your job?

I work as a model, makeup artist, designer, and I cook, also I just opened my model agency… I earn money from all these jobs and pay all my bills.

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Describe your personal style.

My personal style is sexy elegant but I adapt my style to the environment around me…. I can be anything ?

Your body is absolutely insane, what feature do most people compliment you on? What would you say is your best physical attribute?

People compliment my face and boobs.

I love everything about myself, I love myself with the fact that I’m not perfect ?

Tell us about the company you founded, Bravely & Bare. What kind of products do you provide and how did you come up with the idea?

Bravely & Bare is my combination of passions. My love for fashion, design, creating clothing to make women feel beautiful and sexy. Bravely & Bare is also about my fight and my story. I was abused, molested, raped as a young girl. A portion of the proceeds of B&B go towards creating awareness and fighting against child sexual abuse in Indonesia. I get criticized about this combination, making sexy bikini and dresses for women while at the same time fighting against sexual abuse and rape, but I use this contradiction to provoke the awareness Indonesia and the rest of the world need. It is NOT wrong, wicked or a sin for a woman to look beautiful or sexy. She does not deserve to get raped or abused. For those that criticize the clothes, the beautiful models who wear them and the mission of Bravely & Bare, they should look inward at what they are afraid of… why are they wishing to control others and what they wear? Are they afraid of what others wear / don’t wear… or are they afraid of confronting the devil within them? The devil they are afraid they can’t control within themselves. Belief that women should dress modestly and not be sexual in any way stems from the inherent belief that men are weak, too weak to control themselves and their desires so therefore they must control women. I don’t believe in that. I believe men are strong, men have the ability to be kings within this life but they must learn self-control is where true power and strength come from. Power is not controlling others, abusing, raping a small child. Controlling others comes from being too weak within to control your devil. Power is leading others and you can only do that by controlling yourself.

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You’re a beautiful, hard-working woman. Where would you like to see your career going within the next 5 or 10 years?

Thank you ? I want to be a successful international model and successful entrepreneur… woman with big career. I want to keep hustling work smart and hard for my lil family my daughter and my dear future husband.

Now, can you tell us how you got into modeling? Was it something you always wanted to do?

Modeling is not only my job, it’s my life and kind of hobby also my passion. I love photography so much especially nude art, I love to pose more without any clothes. I really admire the beauty of women’s shape when they have no clothes on, it’s so beautiful… Even though I made a few mistakes by working with the wrong people in my young age when I started modeling, but I still never gave up on trying to be a good model… I’m not perfect I know that but I love myself being on the camera, I feel like I make love with that camera each time I do photoshoot… Modeling has always been my life dream since I was a lil girl 🙂

What is the most interesting experience you’ve had on a photo shoot?

My most interesting experience is like not long ago I had photoshoot for Playboy mag somewhere in Europe… It was 7 days in a row shoot marathon, I worked from morning to late night it was crazy… I was very tired then but I was so happy as I met good people there and it’s my life dream to become international model pose for magazine and meet amazing people… I still can’t believe that I met them…. It was life time chance to work with them… Especially the 2 amazing photographers there that are well known in photography industry I learned a lot from them and I admire them so much… And one big thing is they believe in me… Maybe for other people this is just normal stuff but for me is life time goal…

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How has modeling changed your life?

Modeling changed my life a lot, there is good thing and bad thing…. The good thing is modeling has made me become confident as a girl from lil village that have a million stories to tell. I was a very insecure girl, I used to get bullied a lot when I was growing up, I don’t really have good childhood but modeling has helped me so much, helped me in so many ways…. Modeling makes me appreciate myself a lot and don’t take myself for granted, modeling has brought me so far. I know this is not my forever job but I may enjoy it while I can… And the bad thing is…. Hmmmm let’s just talk about good things only ? ? no matter what I really appreciate where I stand today  ❤️

On top of being a businesswoman and model, you’re a mother as well. How do you find work/life balance?

Yes I’m a mother  ❤️  I love being a mother, it’s not easy and I’m not perfect yet but I do my best…. I’m a single mother right now, it’s not easy to share my time between my daughter and my work sometimes I have to share my time for my work and my daughter…sometimes my bf helps me to watch her if he is not busy and sometimes my maid helps to watch my daughter. It’s easy for my maid coz she has a daughter almost similar age as my daughter and they get along… Thanks to my bf and my maid ? anyway after all I made it so far my daughter growing so fast she understands that I have to work hard for her future… I love her so much she is my life I don’t know life without her. She is my everything, she is the purpose with everything I do today… My daughter and my bf really help me to be more focused ?

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This is one of our most popular questions. What qualities do you look for in a man? Describe your dream guy.

I like very simple man… And positive thinking with good personality and good in bed ? Very smart hard worker… Man that I can consider him as my leader, man that has a lot of respect for women… man that understands me supports me and doesn’t take me for granted… I like gentle man and not so aggressive as they only can be aggressive in bed ? man that trusts me and not try to control me… Man that only has eyes for me, I love romantic man… Man that has all his heart for me, man that’s responsible and cares about other people and likes to help other people, man that can tell me how much he loves me and cares for me everyday…man that’s not afraid to tell me all his feelings without any boundary, man that can have tears and cry when he needs to. I think man that cries and not think it’s gay to cry is very sexy… Man that always puts me on his number 1 priority… Oh I have a lot of things to say about man, basically like good man today is not so many of them anymore hahahaha.

Are you single or taken? If taken, how did you meet?

I’m taken I just got engaged… the way we met was at the beach party I saw him hanging out with his friend, I fell in love in the first sight I feel so weird since we didn’t even talk to each other that day…. I couldn’t stop thinking about him and funny thing I had dreams having sex with him every night even I thought about him I felt so wet…. Not sure what was going on I never saw him since but I still thought about him every single day… And finally one day I saw him follow me on Instagram and we talked on IG messenger then and after that we agreed to have lunch we ended up talking for hours. A few weeks later I sent him message we kind of made a joke about some funny stuff… I was actually not in good situation that time and I was pretty sad so he asked me what can he do to make me feel better… And so I said I think having sex with him will be good idea ????? and so we met a few days after and we never let each other go since ? it was not easy relationship we fought so much for each other… We got through good and bad times but we made it till here… He is perfect man for me and he loves my daughter too he will do everything for me and my daughter I’m so grateful to have him… We are there for each other and always support each other. Now he is in another country we have to be apart for his work, long distance relationship is hard I really miss him so much…. But anyway we are going to get married soon let’s just be excited about that  ❤️??????

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What is the most romantic thing anyone has ever done for you?

Hmm is hard to say as I’m very romantic too hahaha I’m more romantic than a man sometimes … my bf makes poems for me each week… He treats me like Queen everyday… Actually we never stop saying good things about each other everyday  ❤️  me and my bf are good match ? My bf will tell me how beautiful I am every single day each time he sees my face or he says it even just out of nowhere like on the message or when I wake up or at night when we sleep he will wake up, look at me and say how beautiful I am… Also just randomly… saying, “let me tell u a secret,” he says it in my ear very softly, “u are so beautiful I love you”…or he will ask, “why are u so beautiful” and I answer, “coz I’m your future wife and your baby mama” ????? Really he will say it in a day he can say it like many many times… It really gets me really feeling shy sometimes…. Or don’t know how to act haha.


What advice can you give guys to help them in the bedroom? Any tips for our readers?

About sex ? I’m very wet and very sexual woman. I’m wet woman I’m wet 24/7 I’m very sensitive in my private parts… I’m more horny than a man lol. Once I get addicted to someone and love someone especially my man I just get wet all the time I just need to get fucked everyday all the time if possible ????? I will go crazy if I don’t have sex for a day…. I can’t concentrate and I get really moody sometimes I get big headache when I don’t have sex for just a day…I ask for sex all the time… I expect my bf to become sex machine for me….??? and I know he has to have a break sometime… I like to make love and I cum very hard I will do everything to a man to make him satisfied… I think sex is all about feeling and chemistry. Each person sees sex in different way, me and my bf have the best sex we can have sex for hours and hours and everyday nonstop, but doesn’t mean I can be good for someone else… Sex for me is something so deep I make love deep with so much feeling and passion and I think most women love the balance between slow sex and rough one… Men can’t be selfish they have to know how to cum after they make the women cum just the right time… Men have to treat women like queens in bed… If men can do this they will always have a lot of women around them u know that women are more horny than men hahaha they just don’t show and tell… I think every couple has to try many things and be open to each other about their sexuality also what is on their mind about sex. Tell what is satisfied to each other and not afraid to try anything…

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Well Serliana, thank you so much. Before we let you go, can you tell our readers where they can find you if they’d like to learn more?

They can find me on Instagram @serlianar.


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