Sexy Chinese Engineer Designs High Heels That Can Hack WiFi Networks

The next time you come across a buxom beauty wearing high heels, she might be more interested in your personal information than your cheesy pick up lines.

The Short Story

A scantily-clad Chinese hacker used a 3D printer to create high heels with secret compartments to smuggle software equipment for hacking into Wi-Fi networks.

The Long Story

The hacker, going under the name SexyCyborg, posted a detailed step-by-step guide showing how to create a pair of 3D-printed high heels capable of smuggling hacking tools into corporate buildings on Reddit and Imgur.


Many businesses require guests to leave their smartphones and bags outside before entering sensitive areas. However, these cleverly designed platform shoes have hidden storages to conceal penetration tests and sniffing kits so you can mosey along without being noticed.


SexyCyborg dubs her new kicks “Wu Ying” shoes, named after the famed “shadowless kick” that Chinese folk hero Wong Fei Hung used to distract opponents. The skimpy outfit and overflowing boobs are just part of the charade as her intentions are to simply:

 “distract the target with my upper body [so] they don’t see the real danger on my feet.”


These wedges might look like ordinary heels, but they conceal hidden compartments that can store a flash drive, wireless router, USB keystroke recorder, retractable ethernet cable, rechargeable battery and basic lock pick.


Even more cool, the compartments are easy to access. SexyCyborg explains, “each shoe has a drawer that can be slid out without my having to take the shoes off [which] can be customized for various payloads.”





SexyCyborg says “… my right shoe contains a [penetration] testing drop box which is a wireless router running OpenWRT with a built in rechargeable battery that could either be left running inside the shoe (for war-walking, wifi sniffing and logging) or could be removed and plugged into a convenient open network jack [gaining] remote access anytime via SSH tunnel.”




Penetration testers like SexyCyborg have a few tricks they can use to access restricted areas such as setting up rogue access points that fool employees into punching in their workplace credentials into fake phishing login pages.


If you’re interested in becoming a real life femme fatale, the shoe designs can be downloaded under an open-source license here. Also, if you’re into gizmos and other gadgets that make you feel like James Bond, be sure to check out This Japanese Invention Fits An Entire Meal In A Watch.

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