Stay Cool This Summer With This High Tech Japanese Invention


Summer is here and boy is it hot out there. Luckily, the geniuses at Japanese gadgetry producer Thanko invented a high-tech solution to help you beat the heat.


The company’s new “Under the Armpit Cooling Device” (“Waki no Shita Kura” in Japanese) is a mini air conditioner that clips on to a user’s sleeves to blast streams of air to keep armpits dry.

Just clip these bad boys on and kiss your sweaty pits goodbye.


The portable armpit coolers are powered by AAA rechargeable batteries or by a USB charger and can run for five to nine hours, depending on which of the three adjustable speeds you use.


▼ Speed settings and USB plug ▼


The versatility of the clip-on design allows these coolers to be strapped to almost anywhere a user desires.


If you’re interested, the Under the Armpit Cooling Device retails for $38 a pair and you can purchase them HERE.

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