Taiwanese Noodle Shop Sales Spike After Owner Wears Sexy Outfits


A Taiwanese noodle shop called “Dameng Beef Noodles” is attracting a lot of attention lately, but not for reasons you’d expect. Sure, the beef noodles and pork dumplings served there look delicious, but it’s shop owner Dameng Meizi in revealing outfits that has been making mouths water.

The noodle shop, located at No. 78 Heping St, Zhonghe District, New Taipei City, Taiwan 235, saw a spike in sales after Dameng Meizi started wearing sexy outfits.

dameng-meizi-taiwanese-noodle-shop-3 dameng-meizi-taiwanese-noodle-shop-1 Some people have criticized Dameng Meizi for wearing revealing outfits just to attract customers to her restaurant. However, Dameng Meizi explains that her intentions are to be “successful through taste” and that she has been donning revealing outfits even before the shop opened.


▼ After checking out her Instagram feed, we have to say we believe her. Just take a look at these sexy pics she’s posted on her page.

dameng-meizi-taiwanese-noodle-shop-8 dameng-meizi-taiwanese-noodle-shop-4 dameng-meizi-taiwanese-noodle-shop-6 dameng-meizi-taiwanese-noodle-shop-7 dameng-meizi-taiwanese-noodle-shop-10

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