Taiwanese Pet Salon Can Turn Your Cat Into A Stegosaurus


The Igogo pet grooming salon in Tainan, Taiwan, can turn your cat or dog into the talk of the town with their over-the-top fur-cuts.

Owner of the salon, Ou Shih-jou, came up with the unique grooming service to give customers a different experience from the traditional shaving of their furry animals. One eye-catching motif involves groomers shaving spikes on the spine of cats to transform them into mini stegosauruses. Ou told Reuters:

“When a cat gets angry, the fur on its back erects, that made us come up with ‘stegosaurus design.’ It (makes the cat) look like a small dinosaur. The owners were happy after they came back to see it, thinking it was quite creative.”


The designs at Igogo don’t just stop there. They’ve also done teddy bears, lion heads, Hello Kitty, Mickey Mouse, and even the iconic flying Jordan pose! Basically, they can do any design you can come up with as long as the length and color of the fur of your pet allow it.

Enjoy these photos of the adorable pets turned grooming masterpieces posted on Igogo’s Facebook page.






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