Things Go Terribly Wrong When This Guy Attempts ‘Corn Drill Challenge’


Not too long ago we reported on a woman from China who spectacularly failed at the ‘corn drill challenge’. You would think that people would have learned to leave this dangerous stunt alone, but nope. A Chinese man from Liaoning Province recently tried the same challenge and boy does it go wrong.

For reference, here’s the original video of an Asian guy eating corn attached to an extremely fast power drill. This video went viral instantly, receiving millions of views on multiple websites.

Watch and learn folks! This is the proper way to eat corn off an electric drill.

Here’s the Chinese girl’s failed attempt. She’s totally fine by the way, she’s just gonna have to style her hair way differently for a couple years.

And now, drum roll please…the most recent attempt by a Chinese man to perform the corn-on-the-drill challenge:

Ouch! We are not sure which one is worse – losing a patch of your hair or your two front teeth? I’m no doctor, but I’m pretty sure teeth don’t grow back.

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