This Japanese Invention Fits An Entire Meal In A Watch

There are a ton of cool gadgets you can wear around your wrist these days. The Fitbit, the Apple Watch, and the lesser known Pebble smartwatch are the first things that come to mind. But who needs another device to count calories or update your Facebook status?

We have cell phones, tablets, and computers to store all our personal crap, which is all the reason why we were so excited when we learned about a watch that can store food.

Introducing the Bento Watch!

A meal inside a watch? Eh, maybe just a quick snack!

This one-of-a-kind Japanese creation required the collaboration of a master watch craftsman to design the timepiece, a plastic surgeon to cut the vegetables, a famous chef to cook the tiny food, and a diorama hobbyist to put everything together in this 30mm-diameter wrist bento.

Sadly, the Bento Watch is not for sale. But a guy can always dream right?

Check out this clip by Kyoto-based Takii Seed of the Bento Watch in action:

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