Tiffany Vu Kicks Back In The Nude


She looks hot even when she’s chilling.

Sitting on a bench doesn’t sound very exciting – until you see the way Tiffany Vu does it. Instead of staying still, the Asian model stretches out seductively, arching her back in the sexiest way possible. As if that wasn’t enough, she does it completely nude, AND she’s more oiled up than a BP oil spill.

In this week’s Photographer Interview, we meet the man who had the best job in the world — he got to apply the oil all over Tiffany’s naked body.

Photographer: Steven Santiago – @aceofny_



Can you introduce yourself and tell us how you got into photography?

What’s up, my name is Steven Santiago, I’m from Connecticut currently living in New Jersey. I do all types of photography on the side as a hobby and my side hustle. I first got into it by a few coworkers when I lived in California. I had recently graduated high school and joined the military and soon after was stationed out in the Bay Area with no friends or family out there. I was really depressed and homesick and in a dark place so I ventured out to get my mind off of all the shit that was going on, so I needed something to do to get out of my room and keep me busy and thank god for my roommate James and friend Derrick. I can say they pretty much saved me! James let me use his camera which was a Canon rebel t2i and Derrick showed me how to use it. So I started to take pictures of cars and going to car show events, and eventually over the years of learning and watching others moved towards modeling and fashion and really started to get more serious with it. And that leads me to now 7 years of hard work, a lot of money, but I’m proud I found something I’m good at and that comes natural to me and is something that brings therapy to me.


Where did you draw inspiration for this set and what vibe were you going for?

To be honest I hate planning, I didn’t really plan this, just figure it out when I shoot. I like to challenge myself, get out of my comfort zone. And sometimes you create some amazing things that way.


What was it about Tiffany that made her the perfect model for this set?

I’ve known Tiffany for a while now when I used to live in California and she first started off with the car shows and modeling, but we never really did a photoshoot till now. She flew into town and stopped by for a visit and we made some stuff up on the fly. I think anyone is perfect for this set, for me it’s the personality that makes each set unique.


Where did the shoot take place? What made this location the perfect place to set up shop?

My small one bedroom apartment lol, started shooting some small projects at home since I’m too lazy to travel up to the city and waste money when I can shoot at home for free. Plus I wanted to challenge myself and do more natural light concepts and work with what I have. I noticed I get great lighting between 4pm-7pm the way my building is set up.


What kind of camera and lighting set up did you use to achieve the look of this set?

For lighting I just kept it natural, used the sunlight coming from my window keeping it simple… Major Key Alert PAM Cooking Oil!!!! Gives the skin a nice shine so that light wraps around the body, I learned this from the homie James Felix. For my camera I have a Canon 5D Mark II which I have had for like 6 years, still going strong.


Do you have any memories from this shoot that stick out to you in particular?

Hmmm I would have to say taking a photo of Tiff with my old 1970 Polaroid 195 land camera. I fucked up taking the polaroid out of the camera which caused the solution to spread unevenly across the film, which made a cool effect, end result cool image with defects made it unique.



How do you feel about censorship on social media? Should the nipple be truly free?

I hate this subject. I think America needs to grow up and be comfortable, people are really sensitive. And the problem is people are always judging others and people can’t really be themselves. I want to break the barrier and make people feel good about themselves and their body and show those imperfections because it’s beautiful. So yes I think the nipple should be free but also nudity period… I need to move to Europe, people are more open out there.


What would you like to be remembered for?

Peace, Love & Positivity.


Before we let you go, any final words you’d like to say to your fans and followers? Anyone in particular you’d like to send a shout out to?

Always remember where you started and who helped you and where you came from. Humble yourself and help the future artists coming up to keep the culture going so it doesn’t die.


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