Top 10 Hottest Asian Cosplayers To Celebrate Anime Expo 2016


Anime Expo 2016 has just ended and Gundam warriors, League of Legends characters, and comic book cosplayers came out in droves.

Anime Expo is the largest anime and manga convention in North America.

Anime Expo began 25 years ago as an anime and manga convention in Northern California and later relocated to Southern California where it has resided since 1994.

The convention continues to thrive due to the growing popularity of anime and Japanese pop culture and has been known to draw many notable Japanese guests. It has consistently held the title of North America’s largest anime convention every year except 2003. This year, the four-day event expects to cross the 100,000 attendance mark!

In honor of the 25th edition of Anime Expo, we have compiled the 10 hottest Asian Cosplayers on Instagram for our very own FoxyCon. Together, they share over 2 million followers on Instagram and it is no surprise their fan base only continues to grow.


10.) @dd_saida – 20.6k followers


9.) @shimotsuki18 – 51.8k followers


8.) @chihiro_chang – 58.2k followers


7.) @eeelyeee – 88.5k followers


6.) @misa72600 – 130k followers


5.) @xxnguyenkitty – 144k followers


4.) @myrtlegail – 271k followers


3.) @vampybitme – 322k followers


2.) @yayahan – 403k followers


1.) @alodiaalmira – 549k followers

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