Korean Girl Group Gains Popularity After Performing Without Panties

If there’s anything we learned from Kim Kardashian’s sex tape, it’s that nothing goes viral faster than a little scandal. Rookie dance girl group Bambino learned that lesson when a fancam caught Hadam, a member of the group – probably the prettiest member in our opinion, going commando underneath a pair of super low cut jean shorts during an original dance routine to Redfoo’s song “New Thang.”

Since the incident, Bambino continues to hold sold out performances and their popularity has grown drastically. Unsurprisingly, Hadam’s video has gone on to receive over 1 million views on Youtube, though clips of her original performance seem to be constantly taken down for being too hot for some audiences. BOO!

Panties or no panties?

Although you can’t tell for sure if Hadam was wearing any panties, there’s no denying this is one of the sexiest dance routines we’ve ever seen.

But no worries. Foxy Asia Magazine is all over it. We have tracked down 2 live videos – one in slow motion – so you can decide for yourself.

Slow motion version:

Original live version:








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