Vicki Li Dancing In A Tiny Top Will Make Your Day


Asian model Vicki Li has already caught our attention by looking incredible in a Naked Fucking Sushi sports bra, but now she’s won us over once more by showing off her best moves in a video she recently posted on Instagram. Vicki captioned the post:

“I’ve been a dancer my whole life. It sucks that I’ve been slacking this year, can’t wait to dance again!” 

We happen to think Vicki is pretty awesome on the dance floor and this video definitely shows off another side of her we haven’t seen.

Check out the video below and try to focus on the fancy footwork and not the amazing amount of boob bouncing that was going on, if possible…

Not possible? Didn’t think so. Here’s another video of Vicki riding a mechanical bull by Live Rich Media. You’re welcome.

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