Vietnamese Couple Uses Plastic Bag As Condom, This Is What Happened


A teenage Vietnamese couple’s first sexual intercourse ended in a trip to the hospital after using a plastic bag as a contraceptive instead of a real condom.

There are a lot of bad decisions you can make in life, and I’d say using a plastic bag as a contraceptive ranks pretty high on that list. A young Vietnamese couple learned that lesson the hard way and ended up in a hospital in Hanoi with bleeding genitals. Reportedly, it was the boy’s idea to use a plastic bag for protection. Can’t say we didn’t see that one coming.

The two lovebirds decided on using the plastic bag for their first sexual intercourse because they were too shy to buy a real condom. Doctors at Hanoi Nephrology Hospital performed a thorough check-up on the young couple and prescribed antibiotics and disinfectants for their injuries.

▼ Even though I can’t say using a plastic bag was the best idea, the kid had his head in the right area (pun most definitely intended).


According to the hospital’s deputy director, Nguyen The Luong, the plastic bag’s rough texture and its lack of elasticity and lubrication caused the couple’s genitals to get scratched to the point of bleeding. Major owie!

The doctors who treated the boy and girl are now strongly discouraging the public against using plastic bags or any similar material that are not specifically designed to function as contraceptives.

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