VR Video Lets You Watch Bambino’s Sexy Dance Moves Up Close (Video)

Although there are an endless number of girl dance groups all over Korea, Bambino has become widely recognized for their sexy dance moves and revealing outfits. Not to mention, the recent scandal where member Hadam allegedly performed without panties practically made them overnight sensations – read the full story HERE.

Virtual Reality lets you get up close and personal with the sexy ladies of Bambino.

Videos of these girls can be found all over the internet, with several fancams of the gang receiving millions of views on YouTube alone. But, when we learned that JS Entertainment recently teamed up with virtual reality company Verest to create a 360 degree view of Bambino’s extremely suggestive floor routine, you bet your sweet ass we were all over it.

Watch this video and get up close with the girls of Bambino. Use a smartphone for the best virtual reality experience.

In Down Mode, it’s like getting a private dance from Hadam!


Too much booty? Try Eyes Mode.


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