Watch Ashley Vee Get Scared Shitless By Her Friend
@msashleyvee x

Somebody get Ashley a clean pair of underwear.

As much as we’d like to spend our time in an Internet field of unicorns and rainbows, we also love scary things… and, even better, watching our favorite Asian models being scared by things.

That’s something Ashley Vee knows all too well after her friend Anton Huibregtse a.k.a. Lady Ton Ton, posted an Instagram video compiling two f*cking years’ worth of pranks on the Asian model.

Most of the tricks aren’t so elaborate, but they were enough to get Ashley to deliver award-worthy screams before crumpling into defeated laughter. Poor thing.

▼ Watch Lady Ton Ton’s favorite scares, and just try to keep a straight face through all of them.

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