Watch Asian Models Squeeze Their Boobs Together In Sneaky Vaunt Bras


It’s the breast thing you’ll see all day…

If you’re a frequent Instagram user, odds are you’ve probably seen the Sneaky Vaunt bra pop up on your timeline. You know, the sticky strapless bra with the drawstring in the front that lets you adjust for how much cleavage you want.

Sure, these bras are pretty clever, but the videos of our favorite Asian models endorsing their titty boosting powers take us to our special happy place.

Just check out these sexy ladies in their new lingerie and thank the creative masterminds at Sneaky Vaunt for upping the bra game.


Xena Kai, @xenakai

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Ayumi Anime, @ayumianime

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Kathy Nam, @kathykwoww

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Tiffany Phoundiet, @tiffaneeesteez


Melissa Marie, @melissamarie

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Cindy Phan, @dearcindyphan

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Amanda Mitta, @amandamitta

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Maryan Lee, @maryanlilylee

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Heather Lovelee, @heatherlovelee


Yumi Nagamine, @yumi_doll


Myca Senpai, @mickeymyca

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Molly Pornpimol, @molly_onlyy


Elyssa Rose, @vaping.rose


Lauren Lala, @iheartlaurenlala

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Mia Gray, @officialmiagray

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