Watch Dannie Riel Eat Out The OC In New Youtube Mini-Series


You know what you get when you combine awesome food with a hot girl? You get one of the greatest Youtube mini-series you’ll ever come across, brought to you by the lovely Dannie Riel.

The Asian model recently posted a video to Instagram of her eating to her heart’s content at not just one, but two of LA’s dessert shops. The clip is a teaser of Dannie’s newly launched #FeastMode series where she shares her food adventures with her over 1 million loyal followers on Instagram. Dannie captioned the post:

“OMG…Watch me eat out the OC!!!! ?”

The first stop is U jelly, a donut shop on the corner of Brookhurst and Edinger that offers a number of creative donuts. And when I say “creative,” I mean these are not your everyday donuts. These indie donut-makers have pushed the breakfast classic into new terrain, smothering these holey treats with taro icing, and loading on cereals and candies.

▼ Dannie was met by U jelly co-owner Andy Nguyen who presented to her a spread of donuts with all sorts of creative twists. In the end, it was the coconut flan option that won Dannie over.


Then it was on to The Loop on Bolsa Ave. Named after the shape of the handcrafted churros they offer, The Loop puts a twist on the Mexican dessert. The shop promises its customers one thing: endlessly customizable craft churros!

▼ Dannie tried her hand at creating a churro with Jed, the co-owner of The Loop. She made a bit of a mess while customizing her treat, but who can get mad at a girl as hot as Dannie? Just look at that smile on her face.


Here’s the teaser clip Dannie posted to her Instagram:

Now watch the full length video on Dannie’s Youtube channel:


Unfortunately, U jelly is no longer selling donuts. Check out their Instagram page to see what you’ve missed out on, and stay tuned for what they are coming up with next. The Loop is still going strong though, and you should head over to their Instagram feed to see all the mouth-watering treats for yourself so you can start planning your next trip to LA, pronto.

If you’re not following Dannie Riel, we’re sorry but there’s something wrong with you. She has the kind of sexiness that makes a man forget he had plans, a girlfriend, or even a name. Don’t believe us? Here’s Dannie’s Instagram.

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