Watch Jenna Kaey And Prcivl Have Fun At Belmont Park


Asian bombshell Jenna Kaey and insanely popular photographer Prcivl know a thing or two about summer fun. When they aren’t busy breaking the Internet with another ridiculously sexy photo shoot, these two are doing something cool like blasting off to Belmont Park to blow off some steam.

Last week, Prcivl posted a video to his Instagram documenting the fun-filled day which consisted mainly of Jenna dominating arcade and carnival games wearing a WATR hat and t-shirt dress that’s just short enough to make any guy stop and stare. The Asian model  doesn’t need lingerie to look hot – she’s irresistible, even when she’s not trying to be. Prcivl captioned the post,

“Got tired of shooting so @jennakaey and I took a little break and ended up in #MissionBeach and ripped it up at #BelmontPark.”

This video from Prcivl will show you why Jenna would be a beautiful blast to hang out with. So step right up, buy your tickets and come watch Jenna in action.

In my opinion, the cutest part of the video is when Jenna gives the camera the all-too-familiar look of frustration after getting bested by the claw machine. We’ve all been there. Staring at the prize that we wanted, but just couldn’t seem to get. Aarrgghh!

▼ Here are some more choice pics of Jenna by Prcivl, in case you were in the mood for that (of course you were):

/// #wayabovetherest — @_watr on the come-up

A photo posted by photographer ? (@prcivl) on

/// When @jennakaey can’t decide what to wear. I just sit back and say “take…your…time” ?

A photo posted by photographer ? (@prcivl) on

/// @jennakaey came back for more

A photo posted by photographer ? (@prcivl) on

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