Watch Jessica Sun Strip Down And Get Naked In The Tub

@thejessicaxsun x @dannakon

She wants to soak up all of your attention.

It has to be difficult for Dan Nakon to keep outdoing himself on Instagram. Given the constraints of ‘no nudity,’ at some point there’s a plateau he’s going to hit in which he simply cannot out do the glory of his previous ‘grams. Today however is NOT that day. In fact, Dan might have shared his single greatest Instagram post of all time.

In the video below (presumably filmed by Dan himself) we see Asian bombshell Jessica Sun slip off her delicate red robe before soaking in a steaming hot bubble bath. When she dips into the tub, we get an even better view of her irresistible figure, including a glimpse of the area where everyone’s attention would be focused. We’re sure you know exactly what we’re talking about.

Check out the video (we can’t post it here but you can see it on our Twitter by clicking the picture below.)

>>Click to play uncensored video<<

So damn hot. Scroll down for more steamy pics of Jessica getting all sudsy.

jessica-sun-nude-bath-thejessicaxsun-naked-asian-model-3 jessica-sun-nude-bath-thejessicaxsun-naked-asian-model-1 jessica-sun-nude-bath-thejessicaxsun-naked-asian-model-5 jessica-sun-nude-bath-thejessicaxsun-naked-asian-model-2 jessica-sun-nude-bath-thejessicaxsun-naked-asian-model-4 jessica-sun-nude-bath-thejessicaxsun-naked-asian-model-7

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