Watch: Racist Chinese Commercial Shocks Viewers [Video]

I make a few trips to China each year and I can tell you, people there have different attitudes about race and skin color than we have back home. Simply put, Chinese beauty standards traditionally favor white skin over dark which unfortunately breeds disturbing cultural views towards Black people.

But one commercial for Chinese laundry detergent brand, Qiaobi, is so blatantly racist, even people in China are losing it.

The ad first aired this month on T.V. and then in movie theaters all over China. Once word broke on social media, the commercial has been widely circulated on the popular messaging app, WeChat, where we caught wind of the story.

Here’s the breakdown…

It starts off all cool with a Black man covered in paint who seductively eyes an attractive young Chinese woman as she fills her washing machine.


The woman appears to be interested and even motions him to come closer. Oh yeah…it’s about to go down right?


But just when you think the two are about to get it on, the woman shoves a detergent pod in his mouth and crams him into the washer. What the f@ck!


Here’s the kicker, when the wash cycle is finished, she opens the lid and out pops a young, very light-skinned, Chinese man.


Watch the commercial below and you be the judge. On a scale from 1 – 10 (10 being the most racist commercial ever), how racist is this sh!t?

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  1. Unfortunately, I’m a black man who happens to be very attracted to Asian women. However, I’ve heard that Chinese women in particular are against daing black men as opposed to say Filipino, Thai, and Japanese women. Ironically in the very near future I’ll be traveling overseas. I’ll be skipping China. I get more than enough racism here in the USA, why travel overseas to get more.

    • Thank you for your comments. Hopefully by bringing stories like this to light, we can learn how our actions / words can affect each other. Travelling is one of my favorite things to do and I’m happy to hear you’ll be making some of your own adventures overseas. If you’re visiting any of the Asian countries, feel free to email or tag us with any interesting stories you come across. We love writing about food, fashion, and of course Asian babes. Safe travels and keep in touch! / IG: @foxyasiamagazine.


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