Watching Jessica Sun Clean Makes Us Feel Dirty


Who knew household chores could be this fun?

Jessica Sun is dressed as a French maid in these pics, but that doesn’t mean she’s ready to clean the house.  She’s got better uses for her broom – like striking a few suggestive poses with it. Jessica likes to follow her impulses and once she gets going, there’s no stopping her. Good thing that broom won’t sweep away her dirty mind.

Get an eyeful of Jessica Sun in this sensual set of pics, and learn more about the Asian sexpot in this week’s Model Interview.

Photographer: Frank Zhen – @zhenmaster



Hey Jessica, welcome to Foxy Asia Magazine. How’s everything going?

Better than Gucci 🙂

We were hoping you could start off with telling us a little bit about yourself. What is your ethnicity and where do you live?

I was born in Beijing, China (100% made in China lol) and was raised in Toronto, Canada. No I don’t know Drake, but gotta be reppin’ the 6 hahah. I had moved to California 3 years ago, fell in love with the City of LA and decided to have it be my home. I live for the sunshine, and believe it or not my last name is indeed Sun ;p

Full on Gemini that’s me, double or more personalities, my boyfriend won’t need to have multiple girls on the side, just tell me which one to unleash boo 🙂 I would define myself as an old soul in a young body, my friends are mainly much older than me. But that’s what they say, “tell me who your friends are and I’ll tell you who you are.” But as for my actual age, I had turned 21 years young this June, and appreciate the shout out from the magazine 😉 !


What do you do to pay the bills? What is your job?

Oh it would be too dull to have only one job hun. I have no potential for being a qualified student, even though I had been a straight A student growing up but only under the pressure of my family (Asian parents ya feel?) Then thank god puberty hit and I went FULL ON REBELLIOUS! I was a pain in the ass for my parents (god bless these two amazing human beings) and teachers, was always in trouble, partying and causing a headache. School became too boring for me and I needed a sense of stimulation. That’s why I dropped out first semester of college and decided to live my life according to my wishes and not according to my parents’ blueprint. And they had my whole life layout planned out, but I decided to say “’sorry not sorry,’ I have to follow my dream and fulfill my life’s full potential.”

That’s when I started reading and learning like I was thirsty for knowledge. I had always loved learning but hated school. But then again, 80% of millionaires were college dropouts. Not saying it’s the right way, but just might be for some people. I decided to start my own business and became an online marketer. I have way too many ideas and it’s really hard for me to stay in one field. Hahah that’s why I don’t do commitments. Then I started doing fashion with a Chinese company, the time difference is 24 hours, which made meetings difficult. But passion kept me going. I decided to keep a tunnel vision and focus on my career, I have really big goals, goals when I tell people they tell me I’m crazy. But I like it big. And I do it anyways. Proving people wrong has been one of my hobbies since day uno.

Of course entertainment has been my all-time passion, modeling, acting, dancing… I love inspiring people, if a photo made them widen their eyes then my mission is completed! My goal in life, or should I say my job, is to make a difference and influence.


There’s no other way to say it, but your booty is incredible. What’s your go-to booty workout?

Aah, this is one of the most discussed questions I get. Since I’m 100% Chinese I was not blessed with wide hips or any booty genes, looking back 3 years you see me and you’d be like, “where dat booty at though?” LOL. But I started going into fitness and making a difference on my body. When Baby J has a goal, SHE WILL ACCOMPLISH IT. Hahah that’s just how I do things. So I began studying the science of human anatomy and understanding how nutrition and muscle building work. From diet to hard work in the gym, I had a plan and was persistent on it. I know that with persistence you get it, and with consistence you keep it.

As for workouts I love love LOVE the hip abductor and glute kicks. With the hip abductor I use the heaviest weight and really work dem hips! Because I have a pretty narrow hip structure. Glute kicks I use the free-motion trolley thingys (I honestly have no idea what they’re called), and do reps of 12. Heavy weight low reps make you bulk up, and low weight high reps make you tone up.


Which magazine best describes you and why? Glamour, Rolling Stone, or Playboy.

Glamour for sure, with a side of Playboy and GQ hahah. What can I say I’m kinda bad and boujee xD

I really appreciate beauty of the female body and love expressing it through the medium of photography. Even though I was brought up in a traditional and conservative family environment, I turned out to be very much the opposite. Maybe I’m part hippie, but I consider the female body as a piece of art, it should be admired and not be shamed upon. I love feeling sexy and being seductive through lenses, sexiness is an attitude and there’s nothing wrong with it. I embrace the feminine side of me, the sometimes vulnerable sometimes timid and sometimes dominant side.


You’ve already established you’re a beautiful woman, but how exactly did you get into modeling and when did it happen?

It was the year when I was 15 and walking down the streets of West District of Toronto with a joint in my hand, and this mid-30ish modernly dressed woman came up to me and said, “Hey can I take a hit?” I handed her the joint and she told me she worked for a talent agency, I asked her what my talent was. And she said, “Your attitude!” I was confused and she told me the world should see more of me. And asked me to come in the office for a test shoot. So I did, and fell in love with modeling and photography. Art has always been my favourite language, no matter music, dance, photography, or film. So I started doing some minor advertisements and fashion shoots.

Coming to California at the “ripe” age of 18, I had developed some curves and started doing lingerie shoots. I fell in love with the essence of expressing the body through photography. From then on, lingerie shoots have been my favorite, I mean I get to play on the bed and tease! ;p Plus in my honest opinion, I do look better without much clothing. Joke. Joking not joking hahah.


Do you do anything special to prepare for a shoot? (We once worked with a model who doesn’t eat for 24 hours before a shoot. We had no clue and we felt awful when we found out because the shoot went on for 4 hours!)

I would not be able to stand not eating for 3 hours forget 24 hours lol! Mad respect to models who do that. Not eating will make me lose my booty gainz ;( For me I would probably do more glute workouts the day before and fuel my body with lots of protein, to make the booty more plump and full. Also drink lots of water to get rid of excess water weight, instead of restricting water as some rumors say – that it will make you lose water weight, but in the long term that would cause you to gain more weight because your body would retain more fluids. Maybe not eating lots to the point I’m bloated, but enough to fuel my body with energy. 🙂


What kind of music inspires you during a photo shoot?

It really depends on what theme of shoot I’m doing, hip hop for most themes and R&B for a more sensual kinda vibe, lingerie and such, EDM for dancewear shoots. But yeah music is the world to me I’m definitely not able to shoot without it!

What model do you admire the most?

She’s not a professional model but hands down bad gal Riri, her attitude is gold. From “I want you to stay” to “You needed me,” her transformation is an inspiration to me. Her photography work is what I look up to as well, and I cannot adore her body more, her curves are goalsss; and her expressions, the way she poses, how she moves her body, and that fierce look.. my all-time idol.


What was the funniest thing that happened during your latest photo shoot?

So me and Frank were playing truth and dare during our shoot, and I should warn you not to choose dare when you play with me lol for your own safety; first time I dared him to chug a glass of Ciroc, and second time I dared him to go in the hallway and shout, “I LOVE PUSSY!” I thought he wouldn’t do it but he did! I was rolling on the bed laughing.


This is one of our most popular questions. What qualities do you look for in a man? Describe your dream guy.

Oh lord my list could go on for pages.. and that’s probably why I’m still single hahah being picky and having the perfectionism syndrome can be an issue. Ambition and drive are the sexiest characteristics I see in a man, of course after jawline and having height over 6ft considering my obsession of wearing heels. He must work out and have goals for his physique, and working towards them. Humor is definitely an important one, I cannot communicate with someone who takes everything seriously. Positivity and optimism, I have no energy to waste on people who drag me down. Passion! Passion for life, for his career, and meee. He must must love music with hip hop being the preferred genre, I mean brownie points if he likes dubstep and music festivals but if not I’m fine with it, but he has to be ok with me losing my shit during a dubstep show. Fun fact if he plays filthy dubstep during sex I would cum twice as fast hahah. He must care about his appearance and take care of himself well, being somewhat organized and having his place not look like a dumpster or garage sale. Also of course enjoys giving oral hahah, real men do. Last but not least he has to be 420 friendly or else I’m sorry we just won’t vibe hun.


Are you single or taken? If taken, how did you meet?

Single and ready to mingle. Right now I’m fully focused on my career and the mission of building my empire, if I can meet someone along the way who I really have chemistry with (which happens at the frequency of seeing shooting stars in the sky) that would be great and having support which would cure my loneliness illness. But I have grown accustomed to being by myself, doing everything by myself and have embraced it. And then again I’m a Gemini so it is really hard for me to make commitments, I get stimulated by new ideas new things new people all the time so it is pretty hard being monogamous, in such ways I’m much more like a guy. I think because I’m too much of a free spirited person it’s very very hard for me to conjoin my lifestyle with another human being… I need my own space and do things on my own schedule, I DO NOT like being told what to do and controlled in any way. All in all I’m not looking for a relationship right now, but hey, if it happens, it happens. 🙂


If you can control one thing about your boyfriend, what would it be? His finances, his career, or his friends?

I was never the controlling partner of the relationship, as a matter of fact I’ve ended my past relationships for the reason that my boyfriends were too over-controlling and jealous, I do have more guy friends than girl friends and somehow that became an issue. But if my man has no insecurity problems that shouldn’t be an issue. I would never act controlling toward my boyfriend because I know what’s mine is mine, I know my worth and I’m not afraid to be the whole package. If he does not see that he’s only degrading himself, it’s his loss and I’d show him the door smiling, but wishing him happiness because everyone deserves that. Life is too short to spend time with half-hearted people. There’s 7.5 billion people in the world I got options hun.


Kitchen Counter, Couch, or on top of the dryer?



How many times a week do you think a couple should “get it on?”

If I really really like him I wouldn’t mind every day or couple times a day lol, my appetite Is pretty big no lie ;p

In my past relationship my boyfriend was kinda worn out by me tbh, guilty not guilty hahah.


Well Jessica, thank you so much. Before we let you go, can you tell our readers where they can find you if they’d like to learn more?

My Insta and snap is where I share the “behind the scenes” of my life, feel free to follow me on snap: thejessicaxsun which is the same as my Insta name. 🙂 I will be setting up a website in the near future so stay tuned my loves <3


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