Why You Should Sleep Naked, With Naked Pics To Prove It

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Skip the usual PJs and over-sized t-shirts – experts say sleeping au naturel doesn’t just feel better; it’s better for your health.

Researchers laid bare all the scientifically-backed reasons we should get naked before shut-eye. No, really. Sleeping naked is one of the healthiest things you could do. Here’s why:

1. You’ll get way better sleep.

Stripping down keeps your skin feeling cooler, preventing you from waking in the middle of the night. One neurological study in the prestigious scientific journal Brain, found that even a difference of 1°F can help people sleep more deeply.

2. You can air out your lady parts.

Sleeping naked also allows your skin to breathe, and this can be particularly important for women. Your vajayjay has a climate similar to a tropical rain forest, and it can be a hot bed for the growth of diseases and bacteria. Keep your down-there safe by ditching the underwear.

3. It’s good for your relationship.

Science shows when one naked person brushes up against another naked person, the brain releases oxytocin, also known as the ‘love hormone’, which brings couples together emotionally and increases trust within the relationship.

So go ahead and sleep naked, won’t you? For science!

▼ In case you aren’t entirely convinced, perhaps these 20 sexy Asian models chilling naked in bed can help change your mind. Nighty night!


1.) Catherine Lynn, @misscatherinelynn

2.) radikallita, @radikallita

3.) charstonfat, @charstonfat

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4.) Ela Pasion, @misselapasion

5.) 珍 丽, @zhenxli

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6.) Whitney Chase, @itswhitneychase

7.) Ally Joy, @hiallysonjoy

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8.) Michelle Yee-Williams, @ihrtmichelleyee

9.) Sammi Kay, @ms.sammi.kay

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10.) Phuong Nemo, @phuongynemo

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11.) Mia Gray, @officialmiagray

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12.) Kaystar Huynh, @kaystarhuynh

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13.) Masarat Chaisrisa, @masarat_biimmi

14.) Evelyn Lin, @xevelynlinx

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15.) Missy Ly, @missy_ly

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16.) Vi Ho, @missviho

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17.) Christine Elle, @lchristineellel

18.) Jina Lim, @iamborntobewild

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19.) Zoey Lee, @misszoeylee

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20.) Moon Maison, @moonmaison

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