Woman’s Live Stream Toilet Dance Is Too Sexy, Gets Shut Down [Video]

toilet-dance-chinese-girl-1A young woman seductively dancing beside a toilet is the latest video attracting controversy from netizens in China. Over 100,000 viewers tuned in to her live stream before it was shut down by administrators for being too provocative.

The woman, named Song Zixin by QQ.com, performs some sexy dance moves in front of a toilet wearing a tiny grey tank top, white shorts, and high heels. While her stream did not involve any nudity, it was seen as crossing the line of what’s culturally acceptable in a country where sexually gratifying and explicit content is prohibited.

Chinese netizens are divided on whether this “toilet dance” is too sexy. 

While some were scornful of the streamer’s behavior, others commented that the footage was not so sexual since it involved no nudity.

Here is the footage if you want to judge for yourself:

China’s Ministry of Culture is always on the lookout for online media that harms “social morality” and has even gone as far as outlawing sexy banana eating in April this year.

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